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MyKidsDrawing is an enthusiastic team who are on a mission to promote drawing and all forms of art right from early age.
We have a platform where you can upload your Kid's Drawings, it will be stored safely in Cloud, from which you can access these Drawings anytime, anywhere to relive & cherish those moments again.

The platform also allows to share and comment on drawings, which allows you to get wider recognition


  1. Harsha Kadamba M.B
  2. Uday Chandra G
  3. Sindhu Illuru
  4. Sreenivas Reddy
  5. Prakash
  6. Samporna
  7. Sanjana
  8. Raja Basumatary
  9. Suman Nunia
  10. Prem Kumar
  11. Jagan Reddy

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