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FACT #1: Nurturing our children's creativity is important

Creativity is increasingly considered one of the most important factors for success.

Art is naturally linked to creativity and is an especially easy and fun way to foster children’s creativity. The benefits of art in childhood also include problem-solving abilities, literacy, fine & gross motor skills.

FACT #2: Modern family life is busy

It just is. 

You know art is an important way to foster your children’s creativity, but life is just so darned busy. 

You’ve been pinning boards full of art activities to do with the kids someday, but when? And how? Just getting started seems overwhelming!

FACT #3: Video is a powerful teaching tool

With video classes, you can easily introduce kids to art activities and techniques at home, even if you don’t consider yourself creative
. Video is a powerful and inspiring way to learn (no matter your child’s learning style). Unfortunately, YouTube is a hot mess of content and ads, and most online instruction is aimed at adults.

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"The Starry Night" By - Van Gogh



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