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Colour Painting

Remembering the days when color pencils were such a fascinating thing and anything created with their help felt like a creative masterpiece.

It will help you to get the fine sharpened lines which are difficult to imitate with a brush.

The happiness of seeing your portrait in color pencils is sure to light up your day.

Be sure to have a look at our gallery so that you can check out the medium that suits you the most.

Colour Painting Gallery


Colored pencils allow artists to work with a drawing tool that has the control and precision of a hard-point pencil but obviously these pencils are “in color,” as opposed to a graphite or charcoal implement. The popularity of colored pencil art has increased greatly in recent years, and there is a variety of them on the market.

Artists should always look for colored pencils with rich color, that are lightfast, and with no gritty feel to them. Colored pencil techniques are similar to those of other drawing media, including hatching and crosshatching to create complex colors and tones on paper, and mastering how to build up color gradually while working with the white of the drawing surface, which is usually paper.


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