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Today, art competitions are all the rage. Yet many artists still ignore them, thinking they're a waste of time. Competitions are tools you can use to build income and career, kind of like selling your painting more than once. Enter our competition, we want your creative imagination to run wild culminatinating in the creation of your magnum opus 😃

Terms and Conditions

  • Free competition will be conducted every month based on Theme.
  • This Month's (February & March -2020) theme is Portrait Sketch [ person who inpsires you the most ].
  • Participant can submit only one drawing. Re-submission is allowed only after deleting the current submission.
  • Every participant will receive digital participation certificate via email.
  • Top 3 winners will get prizes via post.
  • 2 Age Groups :: Group A [upto 10 years] & Group B [11 years & above ]
  • Drawing must be original, own ( no google drawings allowed ).
  • If any drawings are plagiarized/copied, it will not be approved.
  • Last day to submit is 31st March - 2020.
  • Results will be announced before April 10th - 2020.
  • Maximum File Size is 3MB.
  • ID proof can be school ID card or any Govt issued ID Card.

February & March Theme : PORTRAIT SKETCH

  • -Fill all the fields in registration form and submit.
  • -After successfull registration, Submission code will popup.
  • -Participant must be enter the submission code while uploading the drawing & ID Proof.
  • -Results will be announced before April 10th - 2020.

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