My Kids Drawing

Photo Upload Instructions

- It will take time to approve your photos
- Only drawing/paintings/sketch
- Only original and its your content
- It should be ony Jpeg,Png, Jpg
- Image size should be less than 3 MB


- Use good resolution camera
- Crop the image properly and edges
- No Kids/people holding or besides
the photo

- No abuse of any religion, person,community
or hurting anyone’s sentiments

- It must be your own work - It must be appropriate for all ages to view - Blurred Images will not be approved

Photo types

You agree

- Your submission to this contest must be original and created by you (not copied), appropriate for all ages, in good taste, legal, non-defamatory, and non-threatening. MKD reserve the right not to include these types of drawings and ban the violators from submitting again - Because this is not a contest, it is possible some entries may just be scribbles on the page. MKD reserve the right not to include these types of entries in the challenge share your artwork on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter?) You will receive full credit for the art
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