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  • For every 2 approved drawings, you receive 1 talent coin.
  • The Talent coins can keep changing from time to time, please keep checking this page.
  • What ever coins already you earn will not change, the change will be applicable from the date of announcement.
  • Talent Coins never expire but MyKidsDrawing has the rights to change it, we would try our best not to change.
  • PRIZE will be shipped after eligibility check and verifying user.
  • Ensure your enter right email, phone, address in β€œProfile” section, any wrong information MyKidsDrawing is not responsbile.
  • Due to various activities and logistics please allow us enough time to ship your product. We guarantee you will receive your PRIZE .
  • Your data is safe with us! We won't use your data for unintended purposes.
  • If you still have open questions feel free to get in touch with us!.